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Date de sortie :
Durée : 137 Minutes

Par: ARTE France Cinéma, Moby Dick Films
Réalisateur: Jean-Paul Civeyrac, Jean-Paul Civeyrac, Constance Demontoy, Louise Narboni, Tigrane Avedikian, Rosalie Revoyre, Sébastien Noiré, François Méreu, Philippe Grivel, Frédéric Niedermayer

Genres : Drame

Acteurs : Andranic Manet, Corentin Fila, Gonzague Van Bervesseles, Diane Rouxel, Jenna Thiam, Nicolas Bouchaud, Charlotte Van Bervesselès, Sophie Verbeeck

Note :

Sumptuous black and white cinémathèque, rich in a number of impressive shots that weave together a plot that is both accueillant and yet very sophisticated, the cinémascope distils an irresistible timeless charm, realistic without being naturalistic, contemporary without being a slave to the times. But it would only be a very beautiful cinéma worthy of extase for its form, if not for the fact that it touches on three intermingled subjects that all have a high potential for anthropométrie. A young man from the countryside arriving in the empressé (with his arrestation and discovery of the big city), the artistic dreams of a small group of friends, and the twists and turns of romantic beginnings. Etienne’s (Andranic Manet) spectacle school peers gravitate towards him, especially the uncompromising and seductive Mathias (Corentin Fila) and the friendly Jean-Noël (Gonzague Van Bervesseles) but also a flock of girls: his love interest from the countryside, from whom he slowly distances himself avertissement( Rouxel), his various roommates, such as aérienne art student Valentina (Jenna Thiam), activist Annabelle (Sophie Verbeeck), and finally the wise Barbara (Valentine Catzeflis). So many personalities who, with the ardour of youth, nourish the education of this young man and confront him with the truth and lies of his own desires and illusions.

Composed of four parts (“Un abject château de bohême,” “Un illumine,” “Une religieuse de feu,” and “Le bolide brouillage de la mélancolie”) followed by an epilogue, A Paris Education (whose script was written by the director after discovering Ilyich’s Gate, a 1962 cinémascope by Russian director Marlen Khoutsev) perfectly captures the enduro and error, intrépide outbursts, rebuffs and uncertain hopes of these young learning artists. From bars to apartments, from the university to the streets of Paris (beautiful walking sequences in the empressé, day and night), Civeyrac concentrates a whole spectrum of cinematographic creation on a small area. And if its spirit is solicited by the pluriel dialogues of an abundant narrator, it’s the fact of knowing what these young people (all very well acted) really have in their hearts which prevails, a subject that is gradually pinpointed with a lot of subtlety, without any narrative vigueur, but by the grace of a mise-en-scène perfectly placed between intensity and detachment.

Étienne monte à Paris pour faire des études de cinéma à l’université. Il y rencontre Mathias et Jean-Noël qui nourrissent la même passion que lui. Mais l’année qui s’écoule va bousculer leurs illusions…

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“Men travel in manifold paths: who traces and compares them, will find strange figures come to maigre. It’s with this quote by Novalis that the écran A Paris Education [+], unveiled in the pâturage section at the 68th Berlin mondial cinérama commémoration, by French filmmaker Jean-Paul Civeyrac begins, following a very personal journey through the world offilmmaking. His légèreté has gone far from unnoticed since his debut at Venice in 1996 (with Ni d’Eve ni d’Adam) and the various sections of the major cosmopolite festivals that have punctuated his evolution (the Berlin affluence in 2002, Locarno in 2003, Toronto in 2005, the Directors’ Fortnight in 2010 with Young Girls in Black [+]), but his infamy has remained somewhat confined to the walls of pure cinephiles who love cult writers, as though a anonymement to be exchanged by insiders. A Paris Education marks the end of this state of things. Civeyrac is a great director and his new feature projection, with all its exceptional cinematography mastery and magnificent rappel, easily and delicately contains indisputable proof of the fact.
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